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Cloudextend ConnectivityManager


Cloudextend ConnectivityManager makes it easy to manage your Private Cloud network layer.

Product Name: CloudExtend ConnectionManager

Product Overview: CloudExtend ConnectionManager is a comprehensive Multicloud Network Management platform designed to simplify and streamline networking configuration across multiple cloud providers. It offers support for Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud, making it the ideal solution for Cloud Solutions Consultants, IT professionals, and businesses operating in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Key Features:

  1. Unified Network Configuration: CloudExtend ConnectionManager provides a unified and user-friendly interface for configuring network settings across multiple cloud providers, eliminating the need to navigate disparate interfaces.

  2. Multi-Cloud Support: The platform supports Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud, allowing users to manage network resources seamlessly across these cloud ecosystems.

  3. Virtual Network Creation: Users can create and manage virtual networks, such as Azure Virtual Networks, AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), GCP Virtual Private Clouds, IBM VPCs, Oracle Cloud Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs), Huawei Virtual Private Clouds, and Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Clouds.

  4. Subnet Configuration: Easily configure and manage subnets within virtual networks, enabling network segmentation and efficient resource allocation.

  5. Security Group Management: CloudExtend ConnectionManager simplifies security group and rule management, ensuring robust network security policies are consistently applied across all cloud providers.

  6. VPN and Connectivity Options: Configure VPN connections and dedicated connectivity solutions, such as AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, IBM Direct Link, Oracle Cloud FastConnect, Huawei Cloud Express Connect, and Alibaba Cloud Express Connect.

  7. Route Table Control: Manage route tables to control traffic routing within virtual networks, enhancing network performance and resilience.

Use Cases:

  • Multi-Cloud Environments: Ideal for organizations leveraging multiple cloud providers for their services, CloudExtend ConnectionManager ensures seamless networking across all platforms.

  • Hybrid Cloud Deployments: Simplify the networking configuration of hybrid cloud setups, connecting on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources effortlessly.

  • Cloud Solutions Consulting: Cloud Solutions Consultants can leverage CloudExtend ConnectionManager to provide expert network management services to their clients across various cloud providers.


  • Efficiency: Streamline network configuration tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of misconfiguration.

  • Consistency: Ensure consistent security and network policies across all cloud providers, reducing security vulnerabilities.

  • Cost Optimization: Optimize network resources for cost efficiency, especially in multi-cloud scenarios.

  • Scalability: Easily adapt and scale networking configurations to accommodate evolving business needs.

CloudExtend ConnectionManager is a powerful Multicloud Network Management platform that simplifies and unifies network configuration for Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. With its comprehensive feature set and support for multiple cloud providers, it empowers organizations to efficiently manage their network infrastructure in complex multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Whether you're a Cloud Solutions Consultant or an IT professional, CloudExtend ConnectionManager is your solution for network management across the cloud.