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Azure Arc


Azure Arc is a cloud service that enables you to manage your hybrid and multi-cloud resources from a single control plane. With Azure Arc, you can apply consistent policies, governance, and security across your diverse environments, as well as deploy and run Azure services anywhere. Azure Arc helps you simplify the complexity of managing multiple clouds and edge devices, while giving you the flexibility and choice to use the best tools and platforms for your needs. Some of the benefits of using Azure Arc are:

  • You can extend Azure management and security capabilities to your on-premises, edge, and other cloud resources, regardless of their location or platform.
  • You can use Azure Arc to enable Kubernetes clusters and Windows and Linux servers to be connected and configured as Azure resources.
  • You can use Azure Arc to deploy and operate Azure data services such as Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale on any infrastructure.
  • You can use Azure Arc to leverage Azure DevOps, GitHub, and other tools to implement cloud-native practices such as GitOps and CI/CD across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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